Yo, this is the Owner of FamilyGuyMadness also known as Yoshi, i'm announcing that after 26th October, FamilyGuyMadness will probably not have as much updates in the coming months minus small posts in the Geocities wall.

i was gonna put a wall of text for the reasons but simply, in Early of this year: I lost motivation to update or do anything with the Website and i was starting to also lose interest in Family Guy(i am still interested in it but less then i was back when i was starting this website)

Originally this was meant to be a website where i would test my HTML code with my interest of Family Guy(obviously) and the 2000s aesthetic that was popular in websites like these and i had my Fun doing updating it but overtime i just bored of the Project in general so now i'm putting on a Eternal Hiatus for the time being but i hope the people who visited this had their fun aswell, Cheer on lads.


7th March 2022 - 26th October 2023