Season 7

Review of "Ocean’s Three and a Half"

The Main plot of Tales of a Ocean’s Three and a Half is Bonnie Swanson(Joe Swansons Wife) gives Birth to her Daughters after Seven years of Pregnancy to Her Baby Susie and Stewie starts falling in love with her. but giving birth to Susie would but the Swanson Family in Huge Money Trouble due to the Medical Bills being $20.000 after many Attempts, Peter Griffin, Joe Swanson, Glenn Quagmire and Cleveland Brown Decide to rob Carter Pewterschimdt but Lois stops them and tells Carter Pewterschidmt she was hiring a divorce lawyer. the Episode ain[t that bad again the funniest part is the joke about a Tape machine recording with Christian Bale and Peter Griffin 7.4/10

Review of "Tales of a Third Grade Nothing"

The Main plot of Tales of a Third Grade Nothing is Peter wants to be Promoted but has to pass Third Grade to do so, so Peter goes back to Third Grade and competes with Omar NorthTower in a Spelling Bee. and Side plot is that Brian, Stewie and Frank Sinatra, Jr opens up the Quahog Cabana Club, But it loses it's reputation once the Party is crashed with Andy Dick, the Episode ends with a Musicial Segment. My Favourite has to be the Musical Segment and the Spelling Bee Segment.

Review of "Baby Not on Board"

The Main plot of Baby Not on Board is Peter winning unlimited gas for a year, which the family uses for a trip to the Grand Canyon. The Griffins hit the road, only to realize that they left Stewie back in Quahog, so they must make their way back. 7/10 Rating Tbh

Review of "Road to Germany"

Road to Germany main plot is that Mort Goldman Gets sent back to time into Warsaw, Poland on September 1st 1939 while trying to go to the bathroom and confusing stewies time machine for a toilet and Stewie and Brian have to help Mort get back in the present. 9/10, there are historically inaccuracies but i don't think anybody watches Family guy to learn about History anyway.

Review of "I Dream of Jesus"

Hi, Recently the episode released so i will be reviewing it, The episode main story is that while going to 50s styled diner, Peter Griffin hears his favourite song of all time: Surfing Bird, after persuading a worker Peter Griffin returns home with the CD. Peter Griffin starts annoying the whole Family with it, with Stewie and Brian destroying the Surfing Bird CD, Peter notices this and tries finding a another Surfing Bird score but accidentally runs into Jesus H. Christ who becomes Peters Friend. 7.8/10 Good episode with a funny Gag