Hi this page is about the Timelines shown in Family Guy.

Family Guy is a show with many plots and sometimes those plots include time travel or a different reality due to this i have made a page based off every reality family guy has ever made.

Da Boom Y2K timeline

This is the first timeline besides the main timeline to ever be shown in Family Guy, the Episode plot is based off Y2K and in the episode they build the fictional place of New Quahog at Natick, Massachusetts where a Twinkie factory was located. The episode ends in a live-action parody of a famous episode of Dallas, where Pam Ewing wakes to find her husband Bobby in the shower. She tells him about the episode, which was apparently a dream. This is a parody of the famous Dallas shower scene, where an entire previous season of Dallas was revealed as a dream.

Stewie Griffin: Untold Story


Meet the Quagmires

in the Episode, Death grants Peter griffins wish to be sent back to 1984 for one night but Peter Griffin accidentally messes up the timeline to the point where Peter Griffin is married to Molly Ringwald, Quagmire is married to Lois, Chevy Chase is host of The Tonight Show, Al Gore is president of the U.S.A and for some reason they have a Chalkboard in the living room. The World seems to be a better place with Peter and Lois being separated but Peter begs Death to let him return to the past. back in the Past, he tries to undo his mistake but gets distracted again and again so Peter and Brian sneak into the Country club to the prevent the kiss that caused Lois griffin to fall in love with Quagmire.

also i guess Brian canonically invents the Rick roll in this timeline.

Life Of Brians Native American Timeline

in the episode Life Of Brian Plot A, Stewie and Brian flee a band of Hostile Native Americans in a Timeline where Native Americans are in charge of America after Stewie gave Native Americans gun during a trip of Jamestown in the Pasta and tired of his close calls, Stewie gets rid of his Time machine.

Life Of Brian, Into Harmony's Way and Christmas Guy

in these Episodes, Brian Griffin dies by being run over while playing a Hockey Game and replaced with Italian-American Dog Vinny voiced by Tony Sirico(Rest in Piece) but due to Stewie griffin destroying his Time Machine it takes him until Christmas to bring him back.