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Hi! Welcome to Family Guy Madness, this is my Geocities page based off family guy, it's share news about recent Family Guy Episodes released and if i am not lazy and remember to do it, might make a new review. isn't it cool?(suggested viewing on a Windows XP).

But what is Family Guy?

Family Guy is Adult Animated Cartoon about a Family called the Griffins. The Family guy Consist of

Peter, the Loveable but Stupid Dad Lois, the House-Wife and Daughter of Carter Pewterschidmt. Her Son Stewie wants to kill her, their Children Meg, a 16 year old who is a Drama Queen and is embarrased by her Family, Chris the Beefy 13 Year old, Stewie the Manical One Year old who has a British Accent and their Sarcastic Talking Dog Brian living in a Rural Town in the fictional city of Quahog, Rhode Island

The show is like the Simpsons but with one major difference, the comedy relies on Cutaway gags which can reference Celebritys or Pop Culture

if it isn't obvious i think Family guy is Freaking Sweet

Review of "Ocean’s Three and a Half"

The Main plot of Tales of a Ocean’s Three and a Half is Bonnie Swanson(Joe Swansons Wife) gives Birth to her Daughters after Seven years of Pregnancy to Her Baby Susie and Stewie starts falling in love with her. but giving birth to Susie would but the Swanson Family in Huge Money Trouble due to the Medical Bills being $20.000 after many Attempts, Peter Griffin, Joe Swanson, Glenn Quagmire and Cleveland Brown Decide to rob Carter Pewterschimdt but Lois stops them and tells Carter Pewterschidmt she was hiring a divorce lawyer. the Episode ain[t that bad again the funniest part is the joke about a Tape machine recording with Christian Bale and Peter Griffin 7.4/10

Top 5 Family guy episodes that i have currently watched.

  • 1. Blue Harvest

  • 2.Stewie Kills Lois

  • 3.Lois Kills Stewie

  • 4.Road to Germany

  • 5.Da Boom

Now to Answer a question: Where is Meg?

my Answer is: fuck off

Will there be more in the future?

as of August 10th, probably not i don't really see me updating this alot except for holidays and shit

you wanna know what really Grinds my Gears?

Grinds my Gears

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